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I am a professtional web developer. I build web applications and solve web apps related issues. I write clean code following web apps standards.

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Krypto Transfer

Krypt is a web3.0 project built for sending the crypto currency accross the globe to others accounts using the blockchain.

  • Web3
  • React
  • Tailwind
  • Hardhat

MERN Memories

This is a Full Stack MERN Application made using React, Node.js, Express & MongoDB. The App is called Memories and it is a simple social media app that allows users to post interesting events that happened in their lives.

  • Mongo
  • Express
  • React
  • Node

DJ-Events App

Full Stack App made using Next.js, Strapi and Cloudinary. This app is about managing events. It lists out dj and other musical events.

  • Next.js
  • Strapi
  • Cloudinary

DevSpace Blog

Made with NextJS, Markdown, and Tailwind CSS. This a markdown website that is used primarily for the blogging.

  • Next.js
  • Markdown
  • Tailwind

Capture Business Profile

This is a Photography Business Profile app made using React, Styled-Components and Framer Motion.

  • React
  • Styled-Components
  • Framer Motion

Creative Agency Website

A Responsive Creative Agency Website template made with plain CSS3, HTML5, and JavaScript.

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • JS

Teams Chat App

A Teams Chat app made using React JS and Socket.io. Use 'jonfoo' as username and '123' as password to log into the app.

  • React
  • JavaScript
  • Socket.io


I've worked with a range of technologies in the web development world. From Back-end To Design

  • Front-End

    Experience with
    React.js and Next.js

  • Back-End

    Experience with
    Node.js, MongoDB, and SQL

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Article Writing

Web 3

About Me

I started learning programming back in around 2017 with C++. I learned many languages during my education and overall. I have an inquisitive mind to learn new technologies. Currently, I am a professional JavaScript developer; and my side hustles include article writing.

Innovating one project at a time